Milscan was created in 2009, to share charts and VHF/UHF frequencies of military airfields in Europe.

Any updates to all information which is provided on this site is most welcome. Please use email to contact me. email to :

As a start for setting up the webpages I used the Air Navigation Plan - European Region, witch can found at::

Select the following file: EUR FASID, Part IV-CNS, Supplement, Table COM2, Country.

From now on all data is placed in a database with a search possibility. Search is not looking for fields, but for words. Search example: If you like to go to icao EHAM, fill in the search box EHAM Netherlands, else you got also everything for LynEHAM

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Equipment used:

AOR AR8600 Mk1 (Acars) AR8600 AOR AR5000A+3 (Searching)
Perseus SDR (HFDL) 4x UBC785XLT (UHF / VHF)
Kinetic SBS-1 Planeplotter